PINEエデイター 最大ドローダウンの計算式が変更されました。

ストラテジーテスターにある最大ドローダウンの計算式が変更されました。 これからは純利益を元にレポートにあるstrategy.max_drawdown変数と最大ドローダウンのフィールドは計算されます。過去にはオープンポジションの利益も含まれていた点ご留意ください。 この調整がよりお役に立つことを願っております。改善のためのご提案等ございましたらお気軽にご連絡ください。

April 27, 2018

PINEエデイター アクセス権限を利用したPineインジケータの紹介

アクセス権限を利用したPineインジケータの紹介 以前Pineスクリプトを使ってソースコードを保護する方法についてご紹介しました。今回は次のステップについてご紹介します。理由は様々ですが、これはIPを保護したい法人の方や決められた人のみにサービスを提供するトレーダーの方々に非常に便利です。もしインジケータの販売等を考えられている方は他のサイトでこの販売を行い、アクセスをここで付与することが可能です。 公開する際に”招待者のみへの公開スクリプト”を選択するとあなたが追加したユーザーのみこれを利用できます。 公開したスクリプトのページ内に”アクセス管理”ボタンが表示されます。ここで追加・削除を含めたアクセス管理を行うことができます。 “招待者のみへの公開スクリプト”のインジケータは公開ライブラリにありますが作成者の許可なしではチャートに追加することができません。そしてその作成者のみソースコードを見ることができます。あなたのアクセス制限付きの公開したスクリプトは新しいセクションに表示されます。 こちらにサンプルを作りましたのでご確認下さい!   ご意見、ご感想お待ちしております。  

December 1, 2016

PINEエデイター New variables in Pine

New variables in Pine At your requests, we have added built-in variables in Pine language, which helps to define current bar state. The variables are: barstate.isfirst – true if a current bar is the first in the range of bars, otherwise – false barstate.islast – true if a current bar...

June 8, 2016

PINEエデイター Strategy Backtesting Beta Release

Great news! We have released the long-awaited Backtesting feature in beta-testing mode! It allows you to create trading strategies in Pine Script. A strategy is a study that can send, modify and cancel orders (to buy/sell). Strategies allow you to perform Backtesting (emulation of strategy trading on historical data) and...

September 28, 2015

PINEエデイター New feature of Pine Script Language: parameter “editable”

Our users have written amazing codes on Pine Script Language, which can be accessed right from your chart by clicking “Indicators”: At the moment Public Library has over 1 500 codes, which are free for every user of TradingView. Most of them have multiple outputs. We have added the parameter “editable”...

July 8, 2015

PINEエデイター New feature of Pine Script Language: custom OHLC bars and candles

Added the ability to define your own custom bars and candles to Pine. study(“plotbar example”) palette = open <= close ? blue : orange plotbar(open, high, low, close, color=palette, title=”My Bars”) study(“plotcandle example”) len = input(7, minval=1, title=”Length”) src = input(close, title=”Source”) o = open h = high l =...

June 25, 2015

PINEエデイター Pine script improves: “step” argument for inputs

Pine language becomes more and more flexible! Now you can define step size for each input: study(title=”Parabolic SAR”, shorttitle=”SAR”, overlay=true) start = input(0.02, step=0.01) increment = input(0.02, step=0.01) maximum = input(0.2, step=0.1) out = sar(start, increment, maximum) plot(out, style=cross, color=blue) You can read more about Pine Script Language in the...

April 15, 2015

PINEエデイター Chart innovations

We have added a new panel under your charts. In future it will contain multiple features. We have moved the Pine Script Editor onto the panel to begin with. The panel is opened once you click on “Source Code” button of a script. If the script is from common library,...

April 6, 2015

PINEエデイター New types of “shape”: label up and label down

The function “plotshape” contains 12 styles now. study(‘Labels plotshape example’) ma1 = ema(open, 6) ma2 = ema(close, 100) plot(ma1) plot(ma2, color=gray) isGoingUp = ma1[1] < ma2[1] and ma1 >= ma2 isGoingDown = ma1[1] > ma2[1] and ma1 <= ma2 plotshape(isGoingUp ? ma1 : na, color=lime, text=”Ma1 Going Up”, textcolor=black,    style=shape.labelup,...

April 6, 2015

PINEエデイター New input for selecting data source in Pine Script!

We are constantly improving the Pine Script Language and are happy to announce that it’s now possible to choose the data source in the inputs You can choose any of the following as the default source: open; high; low; close; hl2; hlc3; ohlc4. Example 1. Simple study(“My Script”) src =...

March 5, 2015

PINEエデイター Script Sharing on TradingView

The long-awaited Pine Script Sharing has been implemented! Now you can share your scripts with the rest of the TradingView community. Just write the script, add it to a chart and publish it.  For a great overview of Script Sharing, take a look at a video by our super awesome moderator Chris...

August 6, 2014

PINEエデイター Pine Script Sharing Is Here!

The long-awaited Pine Script Sharing has been implemented! Now you can share your scripts with the rest of the TradingView community. Just write the script, add it to a chart and publish it   Your published script will appear in the public database of published scripts And on the public...

June 17, 2014

PINEエデイター TradingView Pine Script New Features

It’s been over a month since we launched the first beta version of Pine scripting language. We received a lot of positive responses, constructive criticism, and improvement suggestions. We worked hard and here’s the next update. New features include: Inputs for scripted indicators Working with the “security” function Self Referencing...

February 3, 2014

PINEエデイター TradingView’s Pine script Introduction

TradingView is proud to present the Pine scripting language! TradingView is the first platform of to have this kind of functionality, combined with advanced real-time charting and a super-engaged community of investors discussing ideas. TradingView provides a large set of prebuilt PineScripts (indicators) out of the box. We realized that...

December 13, 2013