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TradingView MarketPlace allows third party developers to integrate their trading product to TradingView. DecisionBar are independent, unaffiliated studies, which are not part of TradingView subscriptions – these are separate tools that you buy if you want. Description, algorithm, support and prices are all determined by the author. DecisionBar Trading Software is...

March 9, 2013

Social How to embed charts into Blog (WordPress)?

If the blog where you want to post forbids use of IFRAME then you need to contact the blog administrator and ask to add IFRAME Plugn. To learn more about how to do it with the WordPress blog engine follow this link.

February 27, 2013
#stock charts  

Data feeds and exchanges New symbols

NEW FOREX SYMBOLS: EURNOK:Euro/Norwegian Krone EURPLN:Euro/Polish Zloty USDPLN:USD/Polish Zloty EURCZK:Euro/Czech Republic Koruna USDCZK:USD/Czech Republic Koruna EURDKK:Euro/Danish Krone GBPSEK:British Pound/Swedish Krona CHFSEK:Swiss Franc/Swedish Krona CHFNOK:Swiss Franc/Norwegian Krone USDRUB:USD/Russian Ruble USDHUF:USD/Hungarian Forint EURHUF:EuroHungarian Forint USDILS:USD/Israeli Sheqel New Metals: XAGUSD: Silver/USD XPDUSD: Palladium/USD XPTUSD: Platinum/USD

February 27, 2013