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Addons Volume Profile aka Volume at Price

We released Volume Profile aka Volume at Price indicator. Active traders know that paying attention to volume can make the crucial difference in understanding how the market will move. Key Benefits: Know supply & demand changes over time See volume activity at the highest point (POC) Anticipate price changes with volume distribution analysis...

August 13, 2013

Charting Historical Volatility

We released Historical Volatility (HV) indicator and several new drawing tools including Head and Shoulders. Definition of ‘Historical Volatility – HV’ The realized volatility of a financial instrument over a given time period. Generally, this measure is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument...

July 26, 2013

Charting Harmonic Patterns

We released several new drawing types that you can use on your charts. We hope this will make TradingView even more useful and your experience more enjoyable. The AB=CD Pattern The AB=CD pattern is a price structure where each price leg is equivalent. The Fibonacci numbers in the pattern must...

July 17, 2013

Bitcoin Charts Why Largest Venture Capitalists are Investing in Bitcoin

Short answer is – because there is potential for HUGE returns.  Fred Wilson and Union Square Ventures, for instance, lent some legitimacy to the market with their investment in Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. Lightspeed Ventures’ Jeremy Liew has made a few investments in the space and is looking for more. And...

July 5, 2013

Charting More new features on TradingView!

Here are the main features that we added recently:   INTRADAY SPREAD CHARTS We made something that no one has made in online charts to date (as far as we know). Now you can build any spread chart by simply typing your formula in the Symbol Edit field using parentheses...

June 25, 2013

Charting Spread charts now on TradingView!

We made something that no one has made in online charts to date (as far as we know). Now you can build any spread chart by simply typing your formula in the Symbol Edit field using parentheses or multiple operators (+-*/). In addition to using multiple symbols in a spread,...

June 17, 2013

Business updates TradingView working with IDEO!

As part of the TechStars Chicago program TradingView is really excited to work IDEO, one of the top design and innovation consulting firms in the world. IDEO was recently featured in “60 minutes” (IDEO founder was friends with Steve Jobs and they designed the first Mac mouse) and does projects like Windows...

June 11, 2013

Business updates TradingView users – we need your input!

As with any community, users is what truly makes TradingView and everything happen. This site wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you guys!  As a note – TradingView was recently accepted into the #1 startup accelerator in the country, TechStars Chicago. They believed in our vision and are doing everything...

June 9, 2013

Business updates Join our team

At TradingView, we are building products that help you make better trading decisions. If you’re interested in joining us, check out these opportunities: Javascript/HTML5 developer Erlang/Java developer Tester/QA

May 14, 2013

Business updates TradingView is in TechStars Chicago 2013!

We are super excited to announce that TradingView was accepted as one of the 10 participants in the TechStars Chicago accelerator program this summer! This means we’ll be going down to Chicago to meet great new folks, hone up our offering and get some investors for our projects! Let us...

April 30, 2013

Charting New features on TradingView!

Here are the main features that we added recently: HotLists Pre-built hot lists continuously scan the US stock market to identify best trading opportunities. HotLists dynamically show different symbols based on the criteria selected. Not to be confused with watchlists that always show only the symbols you chose to monitor....

April 1, 2013

Addons DecisionBar Trading Software

TradingView MarketPlace allows third party developers to integrate their trading product to TradingView. DecisionBar are independent, unaffiliated studies, which are not part of TradingView subscriptions – these are separate tools that you buy if you want. Description, algorithm, support and prices are all determined by the author. DecisionBar Trading Software is...

March 9, 2013

Social How to embed charts into Blog (WordPress)?

If the blog where you want to post forbids use of IFRAME then you need to contact the blog administrator and ask to add IFRAME Plugn. To learn more about how to do it with the WordPress blog engine follow this link.

February 27, 2013
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Data feeds and exchanges New symbols

NEW FOREX SYMBOLS: EURNOK:Euro/Norwegian Krone EURPLN:Euro/Polish Zloty USDPLN:USD/Polish Zloty EURCZK:Euro/Czech Republic Koruna USDCZK:USD/Czech Republic Koruna EURDKK:Euro/Danish Krone GBPSEK:British Pound/Swedish Krona CHFSEK:Swiss Franc/Swedish Krona CHFNOK:Swiss Franc/Norwegian Krone USDRUB:USD/Russian Ruble USDHUF:USD/Hungarian Forint EURHUF:EuroHungarian Forint USDILS:USD/Israeli Sheqel New Metals: XAGUSD: Silver/USD XPDUSD: Palladium/USD XPTUSD: Platinum/USD

February 27, 2013