Ability to get Real Time updates on your charts when someone you follow posts a chart. Ability to view historical posts of person posting chart…directly on the chart they post. Amazing new Trading Journal feature.


CME Futures Delayed Data Package Available!

We introduced a new package featuring delayed US futures data (CME, CBOT, COMEX and  NYMEX exchanges) for only $10/month! All data in this package is delayed by 10 minutes, which results in much lower fees from the exchanges.

The package gives access to intraday futures data such as Gold (GC), Crude Oil (CL), or SnP500 (ES), at 1 minute and higher granularity. This is a great choice for investors who analyze futures contracts, but don’t need the up-to-the-second real-time data.

To purchase the Delayed Futures package, simply visit your account settings. You also need to have any one of the Pro subscription before purchasing any data.



New Bitcoin Exchanges

New exchanges were added, and that means even more cryptocurrencies!




Please contact us at support@tradingview.com if you have any questions about adding new exchanges.

We are happy to announce the official release of the TradingView Charting Library! A big thank you to all our users and translators that made this release possible! We added a TON of new and exciting features. Here are some:

  • Support for labels on bars (for news and other events)

  • Many customization options with programmatic access (new settings, new events, new callbacks)

  • Significant improvements in Symbol Search

  • 11 supported languages: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

  • Support for requesting additional data when scrolling a chart

  • New ZigZag indicator

  • Timeframes toolbar

  • Ability to save screenshots on a custom server (not just tradingview.com)

  • A host of other improvements, features and optimizations

If you are using an older version, or if you’ve been waiting for the official release – now is the time to upgrade! Just update your working copy from the `master` branch in our GitHub repo. If you don’t have access yet, email Stan Bokov at founders@tradingview.com and we’ll give you more info.

Exante is a next generation online broker, which offers its investors the possibility to access more than 35,000 financial instruments and 25+ markets from a single trading platform. Exante is proud to announce that it has launched an exclusive marketing alliance with TradingView.

TradingView is a modern online community with over 100,000 investors who can easily share their trading ideas with other fellow members for free. At TradingView registered users can view and create real-time forex and stock charts while also being able to insert numerous indicators and analyze ongoing market trends, discuss and publish potential investment opportunities, receive feedback from more experienced traders and, of course, make better financial decisions.

The exclusive alliance will allow Exante to expand their already existing clientele base, while TradingView benefits from a reliable and reputable advertising partner. Moreover, the collaboration entails other future exciting projects for both parties.

In the upcoming future, Exante is also planning to become a featured trading partner, which means that TradingView’s members will have the possibility to trade on Exante’s revolutionary Automated Trading Platform platform via www.tradingview.com.

And finally, considering that TradingView.com is the YouTube of financial charts, a place for everybody to upload share their charts, Exante is planning to integrate their extensive programme libraries in Exante’s upcoming web ATP. Therefore, Exante’s clients can take advantage of the advanced financial visualization platform for better market analysis.

“I am very excited to launch this partnership”, – stated Anton Iospa, Head of Marketing at Exante.  “This alliance, will allow both Exante and TravingView to offer high quality services to our clients enabling them to improve their investment decisions. Exante’s investors, will benefit by utilising the best charts provided by TradingView in our web-ATP. While TradingView community members will have the possibility to trade using Exante’s unique platform offering a wide range of instruments and markets”, he explains.

The exclusive collaboration will draw on the distinct strengths of each company and bring invaluable benefits to its clients as well as users. With other business ventures underway, this alliance will undoubtedly reinforce each party’s presence in the financial industry.


Quick Reference Page! A Little Known Extensive Tutorial On PineScript. Where To Submit Requests. Plus A Bonus Tip At The End!


A big thank you to everyone who applied to be a beta tester for alerts. The group is now full. We are not adding any new participants, and the alerts will be available to everyone soon!

On Monday August 11th we are starting official beta testing of the Alerts feature. If anyone hasn’t received access to the beta version of alerts, you’ll get it on Monday. For a great overview of Alerts, take a look at a video by our super awesome moderator Chris Moody (view full screen for full HD resolution). Please find more videos at http://videos.tradingview.com.

The long-awaited Pine Script Sharing has been implemented! Now you can share your scripts with the rest of the TradingView community. Just write the script, add it to a chart and publish it.  For a great overview of Script Sharing, take a look at a video by our super awesome moderator Chris Moody (view full screen for full HD resolution). Please find more videos at http://videos.tradingview.com.

Please note that we changed the layout and made it easier to add published scripts to your personal library. The process is now more logical and much clearer – it’s just like bookmarking pages in a browser. Unfortunately, all previously added scripts are now removed, but you can easily find them in the script database and add them again.

To add a script to your personal library, just mark it as a “Favorite”:





Now it’s easier to navigate your scripts and the Script Library:



We also separated published ideas and published scripts. Now the scripts are not duplicated on the Ideas page.


The search is now immediately done on all published scripts:



A separate section for published scripts is now available in the user profile.

A good partner of ours Futures Magazine (the well-known 40-year-old futures publication) is having a promotion to celebrate their 500th issue. The offer is good for a free digital edition of the 500th issue , as well as  U.S. and international delivery for 50% discount subscription fee. May be useful for the TradingView crowd!

Link to the offer is below, click the picture.

1 (2)



New indicator package in the TradingView AppStore – Key Hidden Levels.

It includes the following indicators:

  • Earnings Price Support;

  • Options Price Support;

  • Range Movement;

  • UDIO Bars.

The Tim West Studies are designed to help you see key hidden levels in a stock chart so you are more prepared to assess where it might go in the future. The levels are fundamental to how markets work and relate to 16 important “battle” dates each year out of more than 250 bars to confuse you. We take the relevant days and make them stand out. Which days? The 4 days a year that companies report EARNINGS and the 12 monthly options expiration days. With the power of TradingView, you can now view graphs of these important dates, with a proprietary twist, that allows you to see where buyers or sellers may still be lurking long after the earnings report is forgotten by the average traders. In order to be above average, you need to have more information than everyone else.