Help TradingView become more French!


Help us translate TradingView into French and we’ll comp your Pro Plus plan while you do it (and give you 3 months free after)! Interested? Read on!

TradingView is meant to be truly international, with local traders sharing ideas in their local language. Recently we enabled quite a few local subcommunities, and eventually they will have local data, news, chat in the local language, etc.

We invite you to help with the French translation project! There are no legal agreements or anything scary, but there are a few things to qualify for the free Pro Plus plan:

If you are interested, simply drop us a line via email After we pick the candidates, we’ll notify them over email. Merci!

TradingView Team

Clarification announcement Spanish version

Last July we announced the roll out of the Spanish version. The new version was well received and is growing steadily, but we need to clarify something.

Since the announcement we noticed that some native speakers who were used to publishing ideas in English on the main section, switched to publishing in Spanish on the same section. Unfortunately this violates House Rules, because all ideas published on the main section have to be in English.

If you want to publish ideas in Spanish, you need to first navigate to the Spanish section via the drop-down menu on the homepage. This section features a completely localized interface for charts and social features.

There’s no problem with publishing in English, but every region has its own language. If an idea has to be published in multiple languages, you can use the same chart but it needs to be created with a new title and new content in the language you are writing.

We hope this clarifies it!

Improvements to Gann drawings

In response to significant demand we made further improvements to Gann drawing tools. These are live now on the charting platform.

Gann Box and Gann Square now have new options:

  • Price scale adjustment

Here’s the typical case – “I used a Gann square but dragged the chart around and it’s no longer square”. Well, now there’s a button to easily readjust the price scale. This will return the drawing square again.


  • Reverse

The Reverse button will rotate the drawing around its main points.


  • Corner rays

Use the Angles options to draw all the corner rays in the Gann Square. You can also change the colors!


Big facelift for TradingView – mobile-friendly and responsive!

As many already know, there’s a new and improved version of TradingView! It was built to perform super well on mobile and tablets. A responsive tile design fits your screen no matter which device you prefer. It’s also a lot faster and better looking :)

We enhanced the homepage with news, market summary, market movers, economic calendar, and a few other things. You can easily choose which widgets to show if you don’t need all that info. They can be turned off and on as needed.

Already more than 30% of the community is using the new version, and we’ll be replacing the old version for everyone in a few days. Check it out now to get familiar with it before it goes live for everyone!

TradingView goes to Turkey!

We launched a Turkish version for our trading community >>

Did you know that Turkey has one of the most rapidly growing trading communities in the world? TradingView now offers a free and completely localized charting and trading platform!

Most of the trading platforms used in Turkey are in English, which causes difficulties for some traders. Now you can trade, share, learn and express your thoughts in Turkish!

Fikirleriniz mı var? Profesyonel analizleri mi izlemek istiyorsunuz? O zaman Türkçe sitemize girin!

Changes to FXCM CFD data

As many of our users already know, FXCM CFD data will be available only to FXCM account holders. We are getting lots of questions about the upcoming transition and we want to clarify that the situation is due to a request by FXCM. TradingView can’t affect the situation.  

It’s important to understand that we do not force anyone to create or use an FXCM account – we simply found a way for you to keep access to FXCM CFD data if you really need it. You’ll need either a demo or live account on FXCM, and the verification on TradingView takes only a couple of clicks. Creating a demo account on FXCM also takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t put any obligations on you.

At the same time we want to highlight that each FXCM CFD symbol has an alternative, including official symbols from CME, BME, ASX, NYMEX, etc. We will also offer refund options for unused periods going forward to users for whom this is a serious disruption.

Our chart and widget users can switch to alternative symbols:

INDEX:DXY (EOD) or ICEUSA:DX1! (EOD) = Dollar Index
INDEX:FTSE (EOD) = FTSE 100 index
INDEX:BNG (EOD) = Natural Gas
INDEX:NKY (EOD) = Nikkei 225 index
INDEX:HSI (EOD) = Hang Seng Index
INDEX:CAC (EOD) = French 40 index
INDEX:MOY0 (EOD) or EUREX:FX1! (EOD) = Euro stoxx 40
EUREX:GG1! (EOD) = Euro Bund
INDEX:DOWI (EOD) = DOW industrials, wall street 30 shares.


TradingView launches a Spanish version!

Buena noticia! Today we are officially rolling out the Spanish version of TradingView!

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Spanish users currently represent the third-largest language community on TradingView. We are happy to offer a completely localized interface for charts and social features. In the Spanish version users can publish and discuss ideas in Spanish, and chats are only in Spanish as well.

TradingView offers intraday real-time data on Spanish stocks and indexes for a full-featured market overview. Habla Español ? Bienvenido TradingView en Español!

Brexit TV show! Ideas from TradingView users + analysts with TipTV

Today is a landmark in global economics with the UK voters deciding in a referendum to leave the EU. One thing that everyone can agree on – there’s lots of uncertainty ahead.

Together with TipTV  we are experimenting with a new format of looking at interesting ideas posted in the TradingView community. Guests and analysts take a look and comment on ideas posted by our users. Now it’s your turn to vote – show your support if you want us to do more!

BREXIT SPECIAL – Analyzing this historic day and what is to follow

Featured ideas from: stream | ChartArt | sezginelif | Jahid | Gluckmann

LAST WEEK’S EPISODE – Pre-Brexit and overall key trends

Features ideas from: tntsunrise | Tom_Killick | Wave-Trader | Fxprotrader | HektorMorgan


Hope you enjoyed it!


Keep charts in sync

We have added a new feature for multichart layouts: synchronization by date and time. It will let you sync multiple charts with 1 mouse click.

There is no need to scroll every single chart on your multichart layout any more. All you need to do is to enable trackIng time on all charts when selecting a layout:

If on chart 1 you see a date/time stamp that is beyond the visible interval on chart 2, then you can click on that date/time stamp on chart 1 to sync chart 2 (and all other charts, if you have more) to display the same time interval on all graphs.

Stay tuned for more improvements!

Duplicate accounts and reputation score

TradingView is devoted to bringing more transparency and accountability to discussions of the financial markets on the web. This is why – as per our house rules – registering with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. Recently our system caught a number of members actively using duplicate accounts to artificially inflate the reputation score of their original accounts through follows, likes and comments.

As we previously announced, we will ban the duplicates permanently and also the original accounts get banned for a substantial period and we make sizable corrections to their reputation scores. This practice is given extra attention to ensure that members who use fake accounts to obtain an improper advantage will not succeed.

TradingView has always been a place where everyone can earn reputation points on equal and fair terms, through publishing great ideas and engaging the community. We are committed to making sure it stays that way.

Looking for Regional Managers – come work with us!

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We’ve built two local subcommunities so far, so that traders from different countries can enjoy a localized experience – local stocks, news and communication in their native language. The main global community in English is, of course, still available to all at

Japanese –

Russian –

Now we are looking to build one for each following regions: UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, India, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and others.

We are looking for a full-time Regional Manager in each of the regions above. If you think you’ve got what it takes, let us know!

What to do

Help the local community make the most of TradingView

Get interesting authors to join

Get our widgets installed on popular media and financial resources

Develop content and discussions

You need to

Have extensive trading experience (CMT, CFA a plus)

Live in the region

Be a native speaker of the local language

Have great communication skills

Experience in marketing and management a plus.
If you are a good fit, send us your resume to, we’ll be happy to chat!

Trading US stocks, futures and Forex is live on TradingView!

At last putting the “trading” into TradingView, as was always envisioned, we are supporting the first batch of brokers for live trading. You can now place live or demo orders while using your favorite platform and staying on top of latest happenings.

US stock, US futures and Forex is supported through the CQG infrastructure on TradingView. You can also get real-time US futures data for $0 extra if you have a live brokerage account!


How it works

Many brokers and Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) use CQG as an option to power their trading. Here’s a list of some FCMs brokers that use CQG, but it’s not exhaustive.

In short, if your broker has a CQG option, and you have a CQG-powered account with them, you can trade through TradingView.

3 easy steps

  1. Log into your free or upgraded TradingView account.
  2. If you have a CQG-powered trading account – open the Trading Panel on the chart. If you don’t, go get a demo account to start with.
  3. Type in your account credentials, the ones you got from your broker (not the TradingView login!). Choose LIVE or DEMO depending on your account type.
  4. Trade!

Real-time US Futures data

You need real-time data to trade. Pretty much each exchange charges per-user fees, which you are paying if you have a live account (some brokers pay them for you). So, to avoid paying twice, you need to validate through our interface that you have a live trading account.

Under the hood

Brokers focus on building customer relationships and accounts, and CQG is one of the solutions used to physically store and process orders. TradingView is an officially certified CQG tech partner, we use a specialized WebAPI to transfer your orders and don’t store your trading account credentials. You can definitely relax about security of your sensitive information.


Important: Some brokers who use CQG are still going getting on board. If you see an error message “Account is disabled”, or something similar – reach out to your broker to solve it. Most of the time they need to enable TradingView on their end. Any questions – our support can be reached through

CLOSED BETA – Forex and CFD trading on TradingView

It’s a beginning of something big – you can now place trades directly from TradingView. No need to step away from the platform or the chatter, get everything you need in one place.

We are starting with enabling trading Forex and CFDs (contracts for difference) through FXCM, a well-known broker. Here’s their profile page on TradingView and here’s the official site. Eventually we’ll support trading of more asset classes through a variety of brokers.

We need a small group of beta testers to get first access, try trading through FXCM and provide detailed feedback. Send private message to the user @admin on TradingView to request first-look access to the trading experience. Both demo and live accounts are supported, to test you will need to have an account with FXCM.

The tech we used to connect to FXCM (and more brokers down the line) is Tradable, a cool tech company that provides a layer between TradingView and select brokers. So, we connect only once to Tradable, and then they connect to all the brokers, that way there’s no need for us to build multiple connections. It’s very secure and super fast, you can check out their site here.  

Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported

TradingView will stop supporting Internet Explorer 9 since 20th of May, 2016.

Our charts require WebSocket technology, that is not available in IE9. Previously we had been using alternative ways to make our charts work in IE9, however it has become too problematic recently. Please make sure that you updated your browser.

We recommend the following browsers supporting all modern technologies:



New shortcuts to improve interaction with charts!

Operating graphical objects has never been that convenient:


To clone a graphical object:

  • Point mouse cursor on a drawn object
  • Hold CTRL and use left mouse button to drag a cloned object


To make a circle out of ellipse:

  • Select Ellipse on the drawing toolbar
  • Put its first point on chart
  • Hold SHIFT and put the second point to define diameter of the circle


To make a square out of rectangle:

  • Select Rectangle on the drawing toolbar
  • Put its first point on chart
  • Hold SHIFT and put the second point to define diagonal length of the square


To draw a multiple of 45 degrees angle:

  • Select a trend object on the drawing toolbar, e.g. Trend Line
  • Put its first point on chart
  • Hold SHIFT and move mouse cursor to choose an angle

This shortcut works with Trend Line, Trend Angle, Disjoint Angle, Flat Top/Bottom, Ray, Parallel Channel.

Over 400,000 snapshots shared!

Wohoo! A fun milestone was hit today – TradingView users have shared over 400,000 snapshots in public chat messages. The Snapshot button is available right above the chat window – it instantly shares an image of you chart with the group. A great way to quickly describe what you are talking about and help others learn.

Keep on sharing!

Historical data from FXCM on TradingView can be slightly different from FXCM Trading Station

Historical data from FXCM on TradingView can be slightly different from FXCM Trading Station. The reason of this is the FXCM API we currently use is capable of sending up to 2 ticks per 1 second, so in case of increased market activity some ticks are not counted, what might result in a slight difference of historical bars on vs. historical bars in FXCM Trading Station, where all ticks are displayed. We are working on the possible solution.