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We’ll be improving some services and TradingView may have some service interruptions.

Thanks for your understanding!

TradingView now has the option to add intraday real-time futures data to your account! You can now add the following exchanges:

  • CME Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • CME E-mini Equity Real-time Quotes ($45 / mo)

  • CBOT Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • CBOT E-mini Real-time Quotes ($25 / mo)

  • NYMEX Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • NYMEX E-mini Real-time Quotes ($35 / mo)

  • COMEX Real-time Quotes ($90 / mo)

  • COMEX E-mini Real-time Quotes ($25 / mo)

Each one can be purchased separately, with the E-mini packages obviously being less expensive. Remember, you have to have one of the PRO subscriptions to add any real-time exchanges.


NOTE: CME Group charges TradingView hefty exchange fees to show their data – we are only charging a few extra $ per exchange to cover our costs. One of the possible reasons is that TradingView doesn’t yet support broker accounts that qualify for a fee waiver – thus making the fees equivalent to display terminals. We are always researching ways to get better prices for our users.

More information is available here:



Hi all,

Unfortunately, some TradingView users faced an issue in the last couple of days, where they were unable to access charts with data. The issue has now been fixed, and here’s a brief recap of what happened.

Latest issue appeared at 18:25 UTC on Saturday, July 26th. After we’ve understood what’s happening, our dev sent the first report email on Sunday July 27th at 7:38 am UTC.

Here’s a quote from Barchart, our data provider, which we just received:

“Barchart experienced a historical database issue over the weekend and this morning resulting in the intermittent unavailability of historical market data.  This issue has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience. TradingView receives historical market data from Barchart. This issue was on Barchart’s end, not TradingView.”

This issue affected our both primary and backup channels, so that safeguard didn’t help in this instance. We are now working with Barchart to analyze the issue, to understand its roots and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We thank you you for your understanding. Thanks for being with us!

TradingView team.

We are in the final stages of releasing an Alerts service! Currently we are taking applications from beta testers, who are interested in testing the new feature and provide constructive feedback. To apply to be in the beta, send us a request to Here’s a wonderful sneak peek from Chris Moody  about the new alerts (view full screen for full HD resolution). Please find more videos at

Dear early adopters of cutting-edge technology,

Yesterday’s problems, as surprising as it sounds, were caused by our huge popularity. We crossed a point where our current cloud infrastructure needs new solutions for maintaining high stability levels. We completely understand, and take full responsibility, for the inconvenience caused. Our engineers are working around the clock so we can move past this, and so that you can see all the advantages of a cloud platform without the current early-stage issues. We are obliged to offer a refund for the month to anyone who experienced issues, but hope for your support and understanding. Send an inquiry to this email address if you think it’s necessary to receive a refund:

In situations when you need to mark, highlight bars on a chart and not draw a usual plot in the form of a line, the function ‘plot’ may not be enough. Although it’s possible to execute this kind of task by applying ‘plot’ in combination with the styles ‘style=circles’ or ‘style=cross’, it’s recommended to use the functions ‘plotshape’, ‘plotchar’, ‘plotarrow’.

Learn more details in our tutorial.

We are happy to announce that we connected the OTC/Pink Sheets data, and it’s now available to our users. Free users have access to End of Day OTC data, and daily/weekly/monthly timeframes. You can add real-time and intraday history to your account if you have one of our Pro subscriptions. You can add the OTC exchange for just $2/month to your existing subscription.

Also, a slight change of mechanics of the site. All official real-time and intraday data for exchanges –  NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC- are now available to be added on separately to your account. This way you can design your experience so that it’s best suited for your need. To add exchanges, you need to be a Pro, Pro Plus or a Pro Premium member, and then choose the exchanges that you want to add.

All users that have purchased subscriptions before today – your service will not change until your subscriptions runs out (i.e. you’ll continue to have all the data that you are currently seeing). However, you can add the OTC exchange to your subscription for only $2/month if you want.

There are more exciting exchanges and features coming soon, so stay tuned!

Now you have the ability to configure color, weight and line style for the crosshairs on your mouse pointer. You can also select the type of the grid lines. These new preferences can be found in the Chart Properties -> Background tab.

Added a new indicator to the RobBooker premium package

New indicator from Rob Booker – Intraday Pivot Points:

Now you have even more tools for analysis within the same package!


New award-winning indicator package – MTPredictor is now in the shop!

Premium add-on package contains the following indicators:

  • ATR Range

  • ATR Stop

  • Analysis

    • Risk/Reward

    • Decision Point

    • Analyze Trade Setup

    • Elliot Wave

    • WPT Up Wave

    • WPT Down Wave

  • Opening Gap

  • STF

  • VSA

The Share button on Published Idea page was moved to the left edge of the chart.

If you haven’t used it, the Share button lets you:

  • One-click share your chart to Twitter, Facebook, or any other network (static picture only)

  • Copy the permanent link to share with a friend

  • Copy the Embed code to post in your blog or your site (embeds a live chart with Play button)

  • Copy someone’s idea by using the “Make it Mine” button