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September 9, 2014 09:30

xCFD developed a new web platform for traders, which features TradingView’s cutting edge charting and analytical tools.Traders have access to 700+ instruments and can trade stocks, indices, commodities and currencies through just one account. Providing the best-in-class graphical tools by TradingView allowed xCFD to significantly improve user experience for traders, making them more successful.

Stan Bokov, COO at TradingView, comments: “We are really excited to partner with xCFD. They are one of the early adopters of our newly developed B2B technology. The charting library and the trading terminal was meant exactly for this – improve productivity for brokers and their existing clients“


Thanks to the deep integration traders can use more than 30 customizable indicators, perform comparative analysis on several instruments, mark trends on charts using advanced drawing tools, and even share their trading ideas online – all within the xCFD web platform.


To check out the new platform and try your hand in trading, you can register at the xCFD website and use a free demo account of $20,000, or a real account account with a no-deposit welcome bonus of $30. – Online broker that is easier, better, faster and smarter – Web’s Most Advanced Charting and Analytics Platform

Improving convenience and speed is a big focus for us, so we added the ability to change chart resolution without a mouse (due to popular demand).

A few methods were added:

  • you can write the desired chart resolution in the field where you enter the symbol or in Symbol Search. For instance, “AAPL, 15” is a request for an AAPL chart with a 15-minute resolution.

  • you can use a hotkey ‘,’ (comma) to open a dialog window where you can change the chart resolution. For instance, 2W –  is a change of the current resolution to a 2-week resolution.

  • you can open this dialog window with a mouse by clicking on a new button


Now working with our charts is easier and faster than ever before!

We have expanded the functionality of how public ideas are displayed on a chart!

  • Now you can set which ideas should be visible on a chart – your own ideas (including private), ideas of the people you follow, suggested ideas or all ideas at the same time.

  • On the side toolbar, you can now access the section with your published ideas.

Publishing private ideas is now available to all users! It’s now easy to create notes that only you can see and will always be at hand.

1 (6)

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Here is the complete change log:

  • Private ideas are available to all users now, not only to the PRO account holders, acting as notes.

  • New options have been added for the top toolbar:

    • Suggested ideas & my ideas

    • Ideas of the people I follow & my ideas

    • My ideas only

  • Your own ideas are shown on a chart as triangles. Private ideas – as hollow triangles.

  • In addition to the chart, ideas are also shown on the side panel My Ideas and Notes. It has the following filters:

    • Favorite ideas

    • Only private ideas

    • Ideas for the current symbol only

    • Ideas for the current resolution only

3 (2)

  • Using the ‘+’ button on the side panel, a user can now rapidly publish a private idea.

  • You can pin an idea that you like to your chart. A pinned idea is shown like other drawings, able to be accessed as a reference while doing your analysis (for example, when referencing previously published ideas). If you click on the pinned idea it will open in a popup.


  • If you place your mouse pointer over an idea of a certain author, all his ideas will be highlighted. This makes it easy to find the author’s other ideas.


CME Futures Delayed Data Package Available!

We introduced a new package featuring delayed US futures data (CME, CBOT, COMEX and  NYMEX exchanges) for only $10/month! All data in this package is delayed by 10 minutes, which results in much lower fees from the exchanges.

The package gives access to intraday futures data such as Gold (GC), Crude Oil (CL), or SnP500 (ES), at 1 minute and higher granularity. This is a great choice for investors who analyze futures contracts, but don’t need the up-to-the-second real-time data.

To purchase the Delayed Futures package, simply visit your account settings. You also need to have any one of the Pro subscription before purchasing any data.



New Bitcoin Exchanges

New exchanges were added, and that means even more cryptocurrencies!




Please contact us at if you have any questions about adding new exchanges.

A big thank you to everyone who applied to be a beta tester for alerts. The group is now full. We are not adding any new participants, and the alerts will be available to everyone soon!

On Monday August 11th we are starting official beta testing of the Alerts feature. If anyone hasn’t received access to the beta version of alerts, you’ll get it on Monday. For a great overview of Alerts, take a look at a video by our super awesome moderator Chris Moody (view full screen for full HD resolution). Please find more videos at

The long-awaited Pine Script Sharing has been implemented! Now you can share your scripts with the rest of the TradingView community. Just write the script, add it to a chart and publish it.  For a great overview of Script Sharing, take a look at a video by our super awesome moderator Chris Moody (view full screen for full HD resolution). Please find more videos at

Please note that we changed the layout and made it easier to add published scripts to your personal library. The process is now more logical and much clearer – it’s just like bookmarking pages in a browser. Unfortunately, all previously added scripts are now removed, but you can easily find them in the script database and add them again.

To add a script to your personal library, just mark it as a “Favorite”:





Now it’s easier to navigate your scripts and the Script Library:



We also separated published ideas and published scripts. Now the scripts are not duplicated on the Ideas page.


The search is now immediately done on all published scripts:



A separate section for published scripts is now available in the user profile.

A good partner of ours Futures Magazine (the well-known 40-year-old futures publication) is having a promotion to celebrate their 500th issue. The offer is good for a free digital edition of the 500th issue , as well as  U.S. and international delivery for 50% discount subscription fee. May be useful for the TradingView crowd!

Link to the offer is below, click the picture.

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New indicator package in the TradingView AppStore – Key Hidden Levels.

It includes the following indicators:

  • Earnings Price Support;

  • Options Price Support;

  • Range Movement;

  • UDIO Bars.

The Tim West Studies are designed to help you see key hidden levels in a stock chart so you are more prepared to assess where it might go in the future. The levels are fundamental to how markets work and relate to 16 important “battle” dates each year out of more than 250 bars to confuse you. We take the relevant days and make them stand out. Which days? The 4 days a year that companies report EARNINGS and the 12 monthly options expiration days. With the power of TradingView, you can now view graphs of these important dates, with a proprietary twist, that allows you to see where buyers or sellers may still be lurking long after the earnings report is forgotten by the average traders. In order to be above average, you need to have more information than everyone else.


We’ll be improving some services and TradingView may have some service interruptions.

Thanks for your understanding!